Malek Bergeron

Malek Bergeron

Marketer - Explorer - Learner

About Me

Hi, my name is Malek Bergeron. I am a fourth-year marketing student at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa. Being passionate about marketing, I love learning new things related to the field, taking on new projects, and getting into deep marketing discussions. Aside from marketing, I also enjoy travelling, watching movies, cooking new foods, and meeting new people.

In 3 words I would describe myself as a Marketer, an Explorer, and a Learner.


As a young marketer, I am passionate about emerging technologies and the world of digital marketing.  I’ve had the opportunity to work in data analytics, content creation, and strategy on a local and global scale.


Throughout my life I have moved 7 times and visited over 22 countries. I love experiencing new things, meeting new people, and taking on new adventures.


From studying marketing in university, to taking Google’s analytics course, to reading my favorite book Poverty Economics, I am always interested in learning about marketing and economics.  


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